Staying Healthy At Uni- tips that worked for me

Staying Healthy At Uni- tips that worked for me

As I can probably talk for many students- being at university (or home for that matter) is basically like being on a constant pedestal between caring about your health, finances and work or wasting your student loan on having fun.

After the first few months of partying, meeting new people and getting into work- it all starts getting a little bit intense. You are starting to realise you should probably stop eating so many takeaways, going out as much and start actually attending some of your lectures.

Finding your own balance between staying healthy, having fun and studying can be hard at first, but identifying the things that work for you and the things that don’t can be quick start to getting your sh*t together!


Below are some things I picked up from being at Uni that helped me: 


1: Surround yourself with people on the same level as you!. For example- if you are not the type that wants to go out drinking every night and prefer to chill too- find people who like to do the same. Befriending people who are not on your level can be exhausting and will probably make you strive away from achieving your goals and doing what you set out to do.

2. Find a hobby or activity that you enjoy that is beneficial to you. This can be from simply going on a walk or joining a club/gym. Things like this take you away from reality and can be a good stress-reliever.

3. Meal prep when you can!. If you have a long day at Uni, you’re most likely to sneak to the cafe in between your breaks to waste time until your next lecture. Buying a plastic container and putting left overs from your dinner the previous night will save you splashing those £3 on meal deals everyday, and you’ll realise how much money you’re saving in the process.

4. Don’t give in to peer pressure!. Meeting new friends at university means you have to adapt to different situations. However- if you feel like you’re being pressured into something you don’t want to do- don’t do it!. It may feel like you’re being a boring fart at the time- but in the long run you’ll feel better you listened to yourself and have nothing to regret.

5. Give yourself a break!. If you’re feeling like you’re working too hard and you need a break, you’re probably right. Go for a walk, watch something on Netflix, make some food. Working under stress is not going to benefit you or your brain so chill and start again when you’re in the right frame of mind to.


Again, find whats right for you. Because in the end- you’re the only one that can make an experience as good as it can be!


Lots of love,

B x

Lets Talk A Lil About Self Love.

Lets Talk A Lil About Self Love.


“You can only love someone as far as you’ve loved yourself”


The idea of self-love refers to the appreciation and value you have for yourself as well as others. This level of respect for yourself will benefit you in all areas of life whether you think it does or not. It is the power that you hold within you that will create your levels of satisfaction in life.

For me- self-love is simply respecting that whatever choice I am making for myself everyday- it is one that I know is right for me and will keep me at a state of peace no matter what the outcome.


“What sorts of things do you mean by this”? … 

Self love can be anything from brushing your hair in the morning to simply ignoring something that contributes anything negative towards your life.

Anything that keeps you at a level of peace and satisfaction is a form of loving yourself. With the pressures of everyday life and work- we forget that we live in a body that enables us to do all of those things and without our knowledge of self we would have never got there in the first place.

Not liking your job? Quit!. Someones bringing you down? Avoid them!. Not happy with how your body feels? Start making healthier choices!. The answers are right in front of you. You just have to listen.


“How can I love myself when there are so many people around me better than me?”

This is a phrase that I and many others have replayed in our heads one or several times. But this is not reality.

Having a quick realisation of your own life you begin to wonder why others have what you don’t and you begin to compare what you have as opposed to them. But what they have is what they have created for their own life.

Your life is yours. You can shape it however you like. You may compare to others for what you think you might lack. But that is only your perception of the things you have created for yourself and maybe they aren’t quite what you intended for yourself.

What if comparing yourself to these people is a good thing?. You want better for yourself so you admire those who do that for themselves. But who says you can’t have what they have- but better?.


Having this knowledge will give you the power to create whatever you want in life. 


But just remember- tune in to what makes you happy and what does not. Sometimes we believe something is making us happy when really it is masking who we are as a person. Don’t be afraid to be what makes you happy. Because regret can not stand if happiness takes it’s place.


Lots of Love,

B x